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Published 2018-08-03
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Bode and Morgan Miller open up about their daughter's accident

When you lose your beloved child, your world falls apart. And it’s even worse when you are constantly in the spotlight as others may start to blame you. People will constantly ask "What kind of parents are you to let your child die???" This is what an Olympic skier Bode Miller and his wife professional volleyball player Morgan Beck Miller experienced. Now they are speaking publicly for the first time about the horrible accident that took away 19-month-old child’s life. How did it happen? And why famous parents finally decided to open up?

The mum and Emeline were visiting their neighbor on June 9. Morgan was talking to her friends inside the Orange County house and a moment later she noticed that her daughter wasn’t with her! "We’re in mid-conversation and I stood up. And I turned and I went right to where the boys were and I said ‘Where’s Emmy?’" - Morgan confessed. It turned out that the girl was in the pool... The little girl was pulled out and she had quick CPR performed before the ambulance arrived. Although she was rushed to the nearest hospital, she didn't survive... Emeline was their second child.

"Guilt is a very painful thing. And even though it’s awful and living with it is terrible and I hope and pray and beg that it gets easier, I am now much more aware in that area to make sure it doesn’t ever happen again." - admitted Morgan Miller and then she adds “We have the choice to live our days with purpose, to make sure that no other parent has to feel what we’re feeling"

The couple is hoping that speaking up about this tragic accident will help other parents prevent such tragedies. "I pray to God no other parent feels this pain," - said Morgan. Her husband admits that it was not easy to open up "It's an obligation to some degree. I think it does, in some way, help to heal a little bit. That maybe we're preventing it from happening to somebody else." On Instagram Bode shared a few pictures of their late daughter along with a video showing how much they loved her.

They learned a painful lesson, hopefully, other parents will draw some conclusions

They plan to keep Emeline's memory alive by making other families aware

"Guilt is a very painful thing," Beck said

"I am now much more aware in that area to make sure it doesn't ever happen again" she added.

"She was just a bear. She had such a powerful bull-like personality where she just did what she wanted," Bode said

They admitted that their other children help them at these darkest moments

"Drowning is the number one cause of death in children ages 1-4," Bode said

"We talk about vaccinations, car seats, organic foods, screen time, etc at length...but not the number one risk your childrens' lives face...a silent killer."

The couple started a campaign in order to raise money for water safety education charities

This is all done to help other families

The Millers had already engaged their older children in drowning prevention classes

They also installed a fence near their swimming pool

A few weeks before Emeline’s death, they announced that they were expecting their third child

R.I.P. little Emeline

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