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Celebrity deleted tweet that they don't want anyone to see!

We like celebrities for their roles, looks, behavior, especially when they help others or give a good example of a healthy way of life. Because of love for our favorite characters, we are delighted when they share their own ideas and private thoughts with their fans. In this communication social media really helps. Following the stars on Instagram or Twitter, we can learn more about them. And these are the things they themselves want to convey. However, it seems like they are not aware of the impact that 280 words can have on people! Here is celebrity deleted tweet that they don't want anyone to see!

Demi Lovato received so many backlashes for her funniest prank tweet!

"I hired a lady of the night in Vegas and sent her to Max’s hotel room to surprise him. She walked into his room without permission and grabbed him in his ‘area’ and he freaked the f*ck out hahahahaha"

Jeffree Star for making a racist comment about a black beauty influencer

"I blocked that irrelevant rat months ago, way before her "anti haul"

Mary J. Blige with her 'Understand estimate' tweet

"Why is that people always try to understand estimate my intelligents?! They should never do that! I haven’t been on (cont)"

There has always been the rumors of Rihanna’s affair with Jay Z

"Since we spilling tea … @Beyonce I f*cked your husband …. BOOM"

Rita Ora’s fan base disappointing her

"Dropping my new song monday if this get 100,000 retweets" and it got ‘1,381’

Roseanne Barr got her show cancelled after this tweet!

"Muslim brotherhood & planet of the apes had a baby=vj."

Lindsay Lohan and her one-sided conversations with the stars on Twitter

"WT* is emma stone?"

Miley Cyrus bring the family feud out!

"@billyraycyrus since you won’t reply to my tests I’m giving you and hour to tell the truth or I’ll tell it for you"

Courtney Love and her crazy behaviour all over Twitter

"@LanaDelRey you do know the song is about my Vag*na right?! Throw down your umbilical noose so I can climb right back umm"

Denise Richards giving out the private number!

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