Published 2018-08-21
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Asia Argento, Harvey Weinstein's accuser, paid her own accuser off!

The shocking news hit everyone following the #MeToo movement, right in the face! Asia Argento (42) who was one of the most important first accusers in Harvey Weinstein's case, had paid a victim of hers off- a then 17-year-old boy, Jimmy Bennett (22 now), whom she played with in the movie, The Heart Is Deceitful Above All Things. The assault happened back in 2013 in the Ritz-Carlton hotel in Marina del Rey, California, where the age of consent is 18! Asia had paid $200,000 to Jimmy in order to settle.

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An email written to Asia by her lawyer has also been revealed and it read like this: "Ultimately, you decided against the non-disclosure [NDA] language because you felt it was inconsistent with the public messages you’ve conveyed about the societal perils of non-disclosure agreements."

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"Bennett could theoretically tell people his claims against you. However, under this agreement, he cannot sue you for them."

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"Nor can he post the photo of the two of you. At the very he is not permitted to bother you for more money, disparage you or sue -- so long as you comply with your obligations in the agreement."

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According to the documents, she gave him alcohol, kiss him, pushed him onto the bed and started performing on him then climbed on him to have intercourse with him!

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Bennett’s attorney Sattro has released a statement saying: "At this time, our client, Jimmy Bennett, does not wish to comment on the documents or the events discussed in the New York Times article yesterday evening."

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"While we realize that the news cycle demands an immediate response, many times, people need more than a few minutes or hours to respond. We are asking that you give our client some time and space."

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"Jimmy is going to take the next 24 hours, or longer, to prepare his response."

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"We ask that you respect our client's privacy during this time. My office will reach out once he is prepared to deliver his official response."

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Rose McGowan (44), Asia Argento's friend was pretty shocked by the news and took it to her twitter saying:

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"I got to know Asia Argento ten months ago. Our commonality is the shared pain of being assaulted by Harvey Weinstein."

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"My heart is broken. I will continue my work on behalf of victims everywhere."

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"None of us know the truth of the situation and I’m sure more will be revealed. Be gentle."

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Stars accused of sexual harassment and assault

Asia Argento is not the only one who has been accused of assaulting! Here is a list of the others!

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Louis C.K. (50)

Kevin Spacey (59)

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James Franco (40)

R. Kelly (51)

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Ben Affleck (46)

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Harvey Weinstein (66)

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