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Camila Cabello wished to be on VMAs 6 years ago in a tweet and her dream came true!

Camila Cabello (21) is on her way to becoming one of the biggest and most successful solo artists of all time! As a member of Fifth Harmony, she was receiving so much love but even that was doubled or even tripled when she decided to leave the group and start her solo career in 2016. Her single "Havana" became a huge hit and helped her solo career to take off big time! The single went on to become number 1 in 7 countries! And she just proved that she can do it with winning this year’s VMAs Video of the Year!

What caught the attention of everyone was her tweet in 2012 saying: "I wanna be there SOOOOOOO bad you don't understand."

She then replied to the same message after her win saying: "You're not gonna believe this smol Camila but: in 2018 Madonna (60) is going to give you an award for Video of the Year and your acne will clear."

Dream jobs of the stars

Isn’t this the most adorable thing ever?! Continue reading to find out what the dream jobs of some of the stars were...

Justin Bieber (24) - Astronaut

Miley Cyrus (25) - Photographer

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Eva Longoria (43) - Working in Corporate America

George Clooney (57) - Major League Baseball player

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Taylor Swift (28) - Interior designer or a detective

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Tom Cruise (56) - Priest

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Ashton Kutcher (40) - Biomedical engineer

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Sofia Vergara (46) - Dentist

Zayn Malik (25) - English teacher

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Brad Pitt (54) - Architect

Harry Styles (24) - Physiotherapist

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Kim Kardashian (37) - Forensic investigator

Reese Witherspoon (42) - Pediatric surgeon

Kendall Jenner (22) - Veterinarian

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Britney Spears (36) - Brad and Angelina’s nanny

Selena Gomez (26) - Waitress at Cracker Barrel

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