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12-year-old girl burns most of her body doing Youtube ‘fire challenge’!!!

Popular challenges on social media might be considered funny and entertaining but in reality, they may even lead to death! A 12-year-old girl, Timiyah Landers, from Detroit, didn’t have luck as she tried to accomplish 'fire challenge' on YouTube. She has burnt 49% of her body after she covered it with flammable liquid and setting herself alight. This is a shocking, new trend which has appeared on YouTube some time ago. It encourages people to douse themselves in flammable liquid and then set themselves alight!

Fire challenge inspiration

Tamiyah Landers was with her two friends and they decided to watch videos containing those challenges and take part in it themselves.

Timiyah Landers was performing the challenge in front of her friends at her home in Detroit, Michigan.

They began the 'show' after mum Brandi Owens made them pancakes and went to take a short nap.

Fire challenge consequences

A couple of minutes after the mother left the girls alone, there was a 'loud explosion'.

Timiyah went running the hallway and screaming for help!

She became engulfed in flames!

Her stepfather put her in the bath and started to spray water on her body. Her mother was tearing off her burning clothes.

"He started with her hair and started spraying her but the fire started rising and rising and I'm trying to rip her clothes off," the mother said.

Fire challenge victim is in hospital

The girl was rushed to the hospital and she remains in intensive care.

She has to rely on a ventilator to breathe for her. Her burns cover over 49 percent of her body!

"Everything is burned on her," her mother Brandi Owens said in the interview.

Only afterward friends confessed that they were inspired by 'fire challenge' videos on YouTube and decided to imitate it.

The poor girl is said to have used a cherry scented Bah & Body Works spray.

She will probably spend a few months in the hospital.

'Fire challenge' trend

The trend went viral in 2014 and has already had fatal victims.

One woman was even arrested after she helped her teenage son set himself alight to film a video!

Most of the teenagers who took part in the challenge used rubbing alcohol.

Timiyah's mother now wants the video to be removed by YouTube as it still exists online.

Monitor children!

She said: "Monitor these kids. Especially with these phones. If I could, with this happening, my kids would never be able to go on social media. No more iPhones. Nothing".

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