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Britney Spears battles her ex-husband, Kevin Federline, in court over child support

Britney Spears (36) and her ex-husband Kevin Federline(40) went to family court in Los Angeles after his formal request to raise the child support that he receives from Britney. Allegedly, the pop star is paying her ex-husband $20,000 a month as a child support along with the tuition, school costs, clothes and extracurricular classes fees. All those expenses are worth even $35,000 per month but Federline wants more! Federline’s lawyer reportedly wanted $60,000 a month from Britney but she refused to pay that much. She claims that Kevin doesn’t contribute financially in any way!

The hearing at the court became even more dramatic when Kevin's lawyers asked for detailed expense reports of Britney in order to overview her finances! The couple was married for three years until they got divorced in 2007 but the battle over the children still continues! Britney lost custody of her children during her legendary 2008-09 meltdown. Luckily, Britney recovered and now the couple shares custody of the two boys.

Here are other stars who lost custody of their children

Courtney Love

Her daughter Frances Bean accused her of killing several pets.

Katherine Jackson

She lost custody of Michael's children after 'abandoning' them for 10 days. She claimed that other family members kidnapped her because of the fight over money.

Patricia Bentrup

It was the result of a bitter custody battle between Macaulay Culkin's parents.

At the age of 16, Culkin began the process of being emancipated from his parents. He won the case and his parents had to pay him $17 million.

Jaid Barrymore

Draw Barrymore was successfully emancipated at the age of 14 because her mother didn't take a proper care of her...

Drew's mother, Jaid, was even taking her to nightclubs...

David Crosby

The Byrds and Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young founder reunited with his son Raymond in 1994...

... after he put him up for adoption back in 1962.

David Hasselhoff

His drunkenness led him to the loss of his daughters.

Charlie Sheen

Charlie has two daughters with Denise Richards and twin boys with Brooke Mueller.

The troubled father is ordered to pay $55,000 a month each for a child support.

Alec Baldwin

The battle between Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger was really embarrassing.

Alec lost the custody battle after his voicemail to his daughter was released. He used in it some rude names towards his child.

Kim Delaney

Kim started to drink too much, and it eventually complicated her life.

Jack, her teenage son, chose to have nothing to do with his mother anymore.

Sharon Stone

She became infamous for losing the custody of her son, Roan.

It was said she couldn't provide a stable environment for her eldest child.

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