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Kate Middleton wears £5 tights to stop her shoes from slipping

Kate Middleton (36) knows how to solve an age-old problem and not pay a lot for that. There are obviously lots of events that require her to be on her feet for a whole day. Her favorite shoes include Gianvito Rossi 105 Suede Pumps, Jimmy Choo nude pumps or L.K. Bennett Fern Pumps but those closed-toe shoes may be really uncomfortable. Tights with sticky pads on the bottom seem to be the perfect solution as her feet can stay in her shoes and they won’t slip.

Kate has been seen in John Lewis tights that have built-in sticky pads which stop from slipping and sliding. Those stockings are only $7 and are available in nude, black, and tan version. The fact is that both Kate and Meghan Markle are required to wear tights because of a royal tradition. This is just an obligation that they cannot ignore.

So Kate may have shared this solution with her sister-in-law Meghan Markle, according to the royal correspondent Victoria Arbiter. "You never see a royal without their nude stockings. Meghan, from what I can see from the engagement photographs, it doesn't look like she was wearing tights or stockings. I would say that's really the only hard, steadfast rule in terms of what the Queen requires."

"They are at liberty to choose whatever color tights they wish, and indeed often opaque colors work well with outfits," a leading etiquette consultancy firm in the UK stated. "I think the only reason they have chosen ‘nude' in recent years is because they have become so much more fashionable, and the 'bare legs' look became the craze," she continued.

Tights seem to be just a detail but for Royals, it is definitely a compulsory element of their outfits, especially when they are on important meetings. Even when they are nude tights, they shouldn't forget about wearing them in public. The Queen could be really infuriated even such a simple rule would have been met with ignorance.

Royal style rules Kate Middleton needs to follow

There is a tiara rule in the Royal family. They are never worn during the day. Kate Middleton can borrow the crown jewels for some events but only because she is already married to Prince William. Clearly, tiaras are reserved only for royal women who are married. "For married ladies, it was a sign of status and would show you were taken and not looking for a husband. For gentlemen, it was a clear sign not to make advances toward the lady in question," Etiquette Expert Grant Harold said.

She always needs to pack a black dress. Regardless of the place where Kate is traveling to, she is expected to pack at least one black dress with her. The weird reason behind it is that any member of the Royal family may pass away while she is away. Although the chances of this are quite slim, Kate needs to be ready to honor her family member.

She needs to wear high necklines. Queen Elizabeth insists that the women in her family should preserve a conservative style which means lower hemlines or high necklines. The Queen adores a good power suit and is a big fan of knee-length skirts as well as fabulous hats. So this is what Kate is expected to wear to please the Queen.

She shouldn't wear bright nail polish. Kate has been seen wearing a light pink nail polish a few times, but mostly she doesn't wear anything on her nails. And she definitely avoids bright or bold colors, because of the Queen's preference for "natural-looking nails" among the ladies of the Royal family. So she has no choice but to obey this rule.

The same rule also applies to her lipstick so you'll never see Kate wearing a bright lip. Bright, shining lipsticks that you can see from a long distance. Well, it wouldn't be acceptable for Kate Middleton to wear something like this. The dutchess of Cambridge needs to keep it all simple so her variety of lipstick colors is required to be very limited.

She should avoid wearing trousers. This particular rule is not so much strict but still, you can rarely see Kate Middleton wearing jeans. She mostly goes for skirts and elegant dresses as most occasions require such outfits. If you see her wearing jeans it will be definitely a casual look which she chooses for outdoor and sport-related engagements.

She should never wear too short skirts. Kate Middleton can't go for miniskirts when she appears in public. When wearing skirts or dressers, the hemlines are always required to be knee-length. They may be just three or four inches above a knee but no more. And this is another rule that the Dutchess of Cambridge needs to follow. No excuses!

Wedding dresses require the Queen's approval. It's a strict tradition that the Queen has to approve the final version of royal wedding dresses. So in the case of Kate Middleton's Alexander McQueen gown in 2011, the Queen had to agree to the choice. HM also had to do the same with Meghan Markle's dress for her wedding to Prince Harry.

Kate shouldn't wear wedges in front of the Queen. She has been spotted wearing wedges many times but she will never do this when meeting the Queen Elisabeth. "The Queen isn't a fan of wedged shoes. She really doesn't like them and it's well known among the women in the family," a royal source said. This is that type of shoes that Kate would better avoid if there is a chance to see the Queen.

Well, Kate Middleton is definitely a fan of wedges. She has chosen them many times for official appearances. She can even run wearing wedges just like in the photo that you can see below. For example, she opted for gray Monsoon wedges with a pale pink dress for a September 2016 outing with Prince William. And she indeed looked fabulous!

Another rule says that Kate should keep her hair together with a hairnet. This is another expectation that Kate Middleton needs to take into account when leaving her flat. She usually has her buns or braids styled in a fine, barely visible, hairnet to keep everything in place. This way she looks elegant and appropriate no matter what an event she is taking part in. Classy!

She should always carry a clutch. You may wonder why Kate is wearing a clutch during some engagements even if she may not have anything necessary to bring. The clutch seems to be a substitution for gloves or a bouquet of flowers. Kate simply needs to have something to do with her hands. Thanks to this small detail she never looks awkward.

She shouldn't take her coat off in public. When Kate attends some event wearing a coat (or a kind of a coat-dress which she loves), the Duchess of Cambridge won’t even take it off while she's there. Taking off a coat apparently seems to be an unladylike action so even if she feels like taking it off because it would be more convenient, she is required to avoid it.

Her hat shouldn't be too large. Kate Middleton is a big fan of hats, especially those sophisticated ones. And she adores matching them to the rest of the clothes she is wearing. Unfortunately, even in the case of this piece of garment, she needs to follow some rules. The general rule says that her hats can't obscure her face and shouldn't be too large.

Her heels shouldn't be too high. The Dutchess of Cambridge is rarely seen in flat shoes unless she takes part in some kind of physical activities. She is mostly wearing high heels but they are never more than six inches. This rule is to ensure she is not too tall and can walk in a comfortable, natural and stable way. That's why she needs to pay attention also to the size of heels.

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