Published 2018-08-27
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Demi Lovato's house in danger of burglary while the star is in rehab!

As we all know, Demi Lovato(26) has been dealing with her post overdose drama staying at the rehab and seems like it is the perfect time for the burglars to go ahead and plan a burglary! Seems like a group of burglars was arrested before going on with their scheme! Seems like the police was notified soon enough to get some extra eyes around the place so that they can be aware of the suspicious activities going around her house!

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Stars who have been robbed

Demi is not the only celebrity whose house has been targeted! Here is a list of the rest of the stars!

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Julianne Moore (57) - valuables worth $127,000

Miley Cyrus (25) - $100,000 in personal property

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Lindsay Lohan (32) - clothes and jewelry worth $130,000

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Usher (39) - jewelry and cash

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Kirsten Dunst (36) - $13,000 handbag, cell phone and ID cards

Paris Hilton (37) - in jewelry, clothing, cash and shoes

Megan Fox (32) and Brian Austin Green (45) - Green’s recreational gun and Fox’s clothes

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Kim Kardashian (37) - jewelry box

Kourtney Kardashian (39) - $80,000 worth of jewelry

John Legend (39) - Louis Vuitton bag containing several valuable

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Kendall Jenner (22) - jewelry worth around $234,000

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Orlando Bloom (41) and Miranda Kerr (35) - nearly half a million dollars worth of items

Simon Cowell (58) - jewelry and passports

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Queen Latifah (48) - her car

Kate Moss (44) - three pieces of art

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Matthew McConaughey (48) - cellphone and $2,000 in cash

Rod Stewart (73) - his car

Alanis Morissette (44) - jewelry and other items

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