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Twitter has only one request and that is for Kelly Clarkson to be the next Super Bowl halftime performer

Seems like Kelly Clarkson (36) is having yet another breakthrough after all the breakthroughs she has had ever since she won the talent show, American Idol! For sure the choice of parting from her previous label was the best that happened to her and then performing as a judge on another singing competition show The Voice and winning it! This is the golden time for Kelly! After opening for 2018 U.S. Open, the Twitter wants her to be the next year’s Super Bowl Halftime Show and we are all FOR it!

Best Super Bowl halftime performances

All you need to do in order to check the tweets of people is to click on the hashtag #USOpen2018.
In case you guys have missed last year’s performance, it was Justin Timberlake who graced our screens even though so many people were not really that satisfied with the whole show. At least we got the selfie guy! Here are other unique Super Bowl performances.

Coldplay, Bruno Mars (32), Beyonce (36) (2016)

There is one thing that almost every American can agree on: Coldplay is not a good band. They think that choosing this British band to participate in such an event as the one and only Super Bowl was the worst idea ever... It is said that there was no lamer performance than this one from Coldplay in 2016.

But Bruno Mars and Beyonce seem to have rescued the show. Beyonce was even wearing an outfit which commemorated the one and only Kind of Pop himself. Remember Michael Jackson's performance at the Super Bowl in 1993? That was something!

Tony Bennett (92), Patti LaBelle (74) (1995)

The best thing about the show from 1995 is that this actually happened. According to YouTube summary: "The halftime show was titled "Indiana Jones and the Temple of the Forbidden Eye" and was produced by Disney to promote their Indiana Jones Adventure attraction at Disneyland that opened later that year.

Best Super Bowl halftime performances

The show featured actors playing Indiana Jones and his girlfriend Marion Ravenwood who were raiding the Vince Lombardi Trophy from the Temple of the Forbidden Eye. The show also had performances by singers Tony Bennett and Patti LaBelle, jazz trumpeter Arturo Sandoval, and the Miami Sound Machine. The show ended with everybody singing "Can You Feel The Love Tonight."

Phil Collins (67), Christina Aguilera (37), Enrique Iglesias (43), Toni Braxton (50) (2000)

2000 was the year of another disaster in Disney style. It may have seemed more like the Olympic Games opening ceremony than halftime show at Super Bowl. There was no Phil Collins' "In the Air Tonight", which would have sounded so well as one of the greatest stadium rock jams with an accompaniment of drums played by Phil, just imagine this!

People were only able to hear some random songs that nobody knew or never even heard of! And in addition to this, Toni Braxton lip-syncing…

The Black Eyed Peas (2011)
If you remember the music show from the Super Bowl in 2011, not so long time ago, you will surely imagine Black Eyed Peas who were the stars of the halftime show.

Coldplay, Bruno Mars (32), Beyonce (36) (2016)

After many, too many times of repeating "Boom, Boom, Pow" people could go crazy. The worst things though were that Fergie used an autotune and couldn't find a right note to sing, Will.I.Am was wearing a metal hair piece, Taboo was converting the curses out of every three lines of the lyrics and apl.de.ap is remembered as the one who was just happy to be a part of it…

The Temptations, Smokey Robinson (78), Martha Reeves (77) and the Vandellas, Queen Latifah (48), Boyz II Men (1998)

The only thing you want when you hear Motown at weddings is to dance, dance, dance! However, in a Super Bowl, nobody will remember this performance since John Elway turned out to be a winner. The positive parts were obviously The Temptations (or its members who remained) and Smokey Robinson.

Tanya Tucker (59), Clint Black (56), Travis Tritt (55) and The Judds (1994)

And here comes the year 1994, the year after 1993 when The King of Pop gave one of the best halftime shows of all time. This time, it wasn't even close to 1993. Travis Tritt who had a performance then was wearing the jacket which, let's be frank, belongs in the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Additionally, the Judds were during the sixth or seventh year of their farewell tour.

Michael Jackson (50†) (1993)

Michael Jackson who was born on the 29th of August 1958 and left us on 25th of June 2009 was the legend of pop. The named him King of Pop. He is one of the most popular artists of all time and the best-selling music artist by the time he passed away. His album Thriller is the best-selling album of all time. He achieved Guinness World Records for Successful Entertainer of All Time.

Numerous Grammys or to be more precise, he was the holder of 13 Grammys. For the Super Bowl in 1993, songs that were performed were Billie Jean, Black or White, We Are the World and Heal the World.

Stevie Wonder (68), Gloria Estefan (60), Big Bad Voodoo Daddy (1999)
The American national anthem before the match was performed by singer Cher.

During the break in the middle of the match stars who performed then included Gloria Estefan, Stevie Wonder, and Big Bad Voodoo Daddy. These are some well-known names when it comes to American music, but their performance wasn't remembered as a good one, though.

Shania Twain (53), Sting (66) and No Doubt (2003)

The American national anthem before the match was sung by the Dixie Chicks music group, and during the break of the match at the stadium, there was a mini-concert in which Shania Twain, No Doubt, and Sting performed. The moment when Shania Twain shouted loudly "Let's go football fans!" seems to have been the only moment when the microphone was live. Additionally, her background band was created by men who were dressed up and looked like the Lost Boys from "Hook".

Prince (57†) (2007)

Prince was born on June 7th, 1958 into a family of musical traditions. Although his father was also a musician, the singer and composer were self-taught. 30 albums, 7 Grammy awards, a fame difficult to describe with words. The artist who on his first studio album played 27 instruments at the same time, who is known among other things for the soundtrack of Batman, Prince, passed away at the age of 57 years, discovered at his Paisley Park complex in Minnesota.

For the Super Bowl in 2007, he performed: We Will Rock You, Proud Mary, a medley of All Along the Watchtower, Best of You, 1999/Baby I’m a Star and Purple Rain.

Janet Jackson (52), Justin Timberlake (37), P. Diddy (48), Kid Rock, Jessica Simpson (38) and Nelly (43) (2004)
Although all the artists chosen to entertain the public during the break during the Super Bowl can be considered lucky, there is a particular show that went down in the history of the prestigious American football championship for a reason more than shameful.

In 2004, the halftime stars: Justin and Janet- had to perform a song together. At the crucial moment of the show, the young musician revealed one of the body parts of his on-stage partner. Although he did it unintentionally and at the last moment of the track, even to this day people are talking about it!

Bruce Springsteen (68) and the E-Street Band (2009)

For the Super Bowl in 2009, the songs that were performed were: Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out and Born to Run, Working on a Dream and Glory Days. The performance was so good as the Boss even said: "I want you to step back from the guacamole dip, I want you to put the chicken fingers down and turn your television all the way up," which just happened! Love artists that keep their promises!

Lady Gaga (32) (2017)

Lady Gaga for sure knows how to make a show worth watching and this one was no exception! The songs that were performed were: God Bless America, This Is Your Land, Poker Face, Born This Way, Telephone, Just Dance, Million Reasons and Bad Romance.

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