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Roseanne will be removed from the show by the angel of death

Not long ago the whole drama with the series Roseanne happened! The comment that Roseanne Barr (65) made about Valerie Jarrett (61) on Twitter saying "Muslim brotherhood & planet of the apes had a baby,’ along with the initials ‘vj’" offended more people that she might have even imagined and that lead to a great loss in her professional career! Seems like now the show ’s spinoff, The Conners is going to go on with her being dead! Her career is over!

"Some of her deleted posts after the incident were: I begged Ben Sherwood at ABC 2 let me apologize & make amends."

"I begged them not to cancel the show. I told them I was willing to do anything & asked 4 help in making things right."

"I’d worked doing publicity 4 them 4 free for weeks, traveling, thru bronchitis. I begged 4 ppls jobs (sic)."

"‘He said: "What were you thinking when you did this?" I said: "I thought she was white, she looks like my family!"

"‘He scoffed & said: "What u have done is egregious, and unforgivable." I begged 4 my crews jobs. Will I ever recover from this pain? Omg (sic)."

"‘I only care about apologizing 4 the hurt I have unwittingly & stupidly caused,’ she added. ‘I humbly confess contrition & remorse."

"I failed 2 correctly express myself, & caused pain 2 ppl. ‘I end by offering everyone involved one more apology and prayers for healing of our divided nation.’"

Stars who were fired from the TV series

Robert Downey Jr. (53)

Despite the great success of the participation in the series "Ally McBeal" (1997-2002), on more than one occasion he was arrested for possession of illegal substances.

Although it was released in the blink of an eye, the top managers of the work decided to change the script and remove it from the cast.

Selma Blair (46)

The actress was fired from the sitcom broadcast by the FX channel, "Anger Management" (2012-2014) after the producers realized their conflict with his partner on the set, Charlie Sheen.

Apparently, Blair complained openly about the unprofessional behavior that the star showed during the work. As soon as the rumors about it reached the ears of Sheen, he threatened to abandon the project.

Lisa Bonet (50)

Although the character was so popular, some sources indicate that when the actress became pregnant and became engaged to the musician Lenny Kravitz after the first season of the play, the producers decided to remove her completely.

Katherine Heigl (39)

At the beginning of 2010, the media published the news according to which the charming actress was fired by the producer of "Grey's Anatomy" (2005-), Shonda Rhimes, after not having returned to work at the end of her maternity leave.

Michelle Rodriguez (40)

During the filming TV series "Lost" the actress was arrested for DUI on the same night in December 2005.

She was pleaded guilty and needed to spend five days in jail and paid a $500 fine. After the arrest, her character was killed in very soon in the series.

Shannen Doherty (47)

The champion of this category managed to be fired from two different series: "Beverly Hills 90210" (1990-2000) and "Charmed" (1998-2000).

In the first one, she endured only 4 seasons and was cast due to her "bad attitude" and behavior worthy of a low-cost diva.

Patrick Dempsey (52)

This death in the TV series "Grey's Anatomy" was a shock to the fans of the show all over the world. According to the gossip, the creator of the show Shonda Rhimes did not like the actor's behavior and rumors of his alleged romance and decided to get rid of his character.

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