Published 2018-08-29
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Dwayne Johnson honors fan killed in car crash

Dwayne Johnson, 46, doesn’t forget about his fans especially if something bad happens to them. He has recently sent his condolences via Twitter to his fan whose mother and sister tragically died in a car crash. Aileen Pizarro and her daughter Aryana were killed a few days ago when their car was hit by a driver who was going the wrong direction down the road. They were pronounced dead at the scene due to "blunt force trauma."

The accident caused several vehicles caught in rush hour traffic, with "multiple vehicles on fire," according to CHP Officer Mary Bailey.

After their death, Aileen's son, Angelo Pizarro, decided to mourn the passing and catch Dwayne’s attention by sending a tweet to the celebrity as his mother was a big fan of The Rock.

He asked for a video message to pay tribute to his mum.

"My beautiful mom who passed away loved @TheRock so so so much," he tweeted.

"I'm trying to get him to do even a video saying her name for the funeral. If you could retweet the crap outta this for him to see it that'd mean the world. Thank you!"

The tweet received almost 60,000 retweets and drew the actor's attention.

Johnson replied with a video and expressed his condolences.

"I’m sending you so much love and light and strength your way, from my family to yours," Johnson says in a video.

"I’m so sorry to hear about your sister and your mom and this tragic loss that you’re going through. If your mom could see me now, which I’m sure she can, I just want to thank her for all the love and for being such a big fan. Stay strong."

Dwayne Johnson is such a nice guy!

"When the sound guy’s son comes to set to visit, Dwayne notices that and go over will make time for him. And it’s not a social media thing – I saw so many times where he would bring young kids or kids with disabilities to set and never post about it. He just did it because he’s that kind of guy" - Rawson Marshall Thurber described Dwayne.

"Every single movie, we do these events for the Make-a-Wish Foundation When you’re shooting a $140 million movie, every day is super valuable - but Dwayne will spend the whole day with these kids," says movie producer Flynn.

"On Skyscraper he was like, ‘Let’s make it Willy Wonka. I want these kids to live out their greatest dreams with me.’ So we went and got hundreds of pounds of candy; our friends at Microsoft set up Xboxes for Dwayne and the kids to play; we had the five fastest race cars in the world, Lamborghini and Ferraris, and Dwayne took them each on a drive around the neighborhood."

"At the end of the day he gave this speech where he said, ‘I just want to tell you how brave you kids are. I’m blown away by your strength, and I wish I had half of it.’ You’re just like, ‘Who is this guy?’ They’ll never forget that for the rest of their lives."

He cares about others

"When he came in for our first big Rampage meeting, it was 4:30," says Rich, a friend of actor. "And it had just been one of those days where we’d had nonstop back-to-back meetings. I hadn’t been able to eat anything the entire day, and I was really starting to feel kind of shaky."

"So Dwayne sits at the table next to me, and he’s looking at me and at the unopened chicken salad in front of me. And in front of everyone, he says, ‘Is that your lunch?’ And I say, ‘It is. I just haven’t had time to eat it.’ And he says, ‘Well aren’t you hungry?’ And I say, ‘I am, but it’s fine, don’t worry – I’ll eat after."

"And in front of like 50 people, he opens the salad and takes the fork and starts feeding it to me. I turned beet red - I’ve never been so embarrassed in my life. But it was the sweetest gesture."

Dwayne Johnson has recently given his stunt double a new truck when he came back after suffering an injury on set.

"The truth is, he's been an incredible partner and brother to me. I wanna say I love you, I thank you, and enjoy your new truck," Johnson said in the video.

Tanoai Reed, who's also Jonhson's cousin,was really surprised with the truck. "I'm still in complete shock from the surprise and so very humbled by his gesture of gratitude. I'm truly blessed with the most amazing brother/boss/friend," Reed posted.

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