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Halsey and G-Eazy try to stay together 'permanently'

Halsey (23) and G-Eazy (29) are reportedly back together after two months after their breakup. It seems that they are willing to give each other another chance. This is what was announced by the source close to Halsey. The couple’s fans were totally heartbroken after their official statement concerning the breakup in July when the "Bad At Love" singer confirmed that sad news on her Instagram.

"I normally keep this kind of thing private but provided our public nature I feel the need to inform my fans. G-Eazy and I are taking some time apart. I wish him the best. Thanks for respecting our privacy at this time," she wrote.

Now it turns out that the famous lovebirds can’t live without each other!

Halsey and G-Eazy spotted kissing!

On Aug. 31 they were kissing passionately during the rapper’s New Jersey concert.

It must be the sign that their relationship is back on. According to the source, "Halsey wanted to take things slowly with G at first, before committing to getting back together again permanently, but she couldn’t help herself, and things are full on again already."

"Pretty much from the moment they split Halsey missed G like crazy, and immediately started second guessing her decision to split up."

"Things just feel right with him, and when they’re not together she’s left feeling kind of empty."

"They’ve had some long serious talks about what they plan to do differently this time."

"They’ve both agreed not to take each other for granted, and make sure they find time for their relationship, no matter how busy their careers may be."

"Halsey knows what she has with G is special, and it’s not something she’s willing to walk away from."

"She believes she owes it to herself to give it one more shot, and so that’s what she’s doing, with all of her heart and soul."

Halsey’s ex Machine Gun Kelly, 28, doesn't seem to like the news.

And he expressed that in a diss track called "Bad Boy", released on Aug. 31.

He rapped, "Him & I’s’ on, bet you’re listening to Halsey sing to me. Can’t f*** with nobody with so much negative energy. A pillar in this game, bro, I’ll be here until infinity. Ask myself why am I entertaining a mini me. You’re so below my class, you’re reaching, you’re not offending me."

Despite all that hatred, Halsey seems to be very happy!

Halsey and G-Eazy - relationship

The first rumors about their relationship appeared in August last year.

At first, Halsey wasn't so fond of G-Eazy but then it quickly changed.

"She's a queen. I think the world of her for real," G-Eazy shared then.

They are a great team not only as partners but also as professionals on the stage. They have always been one of the hottest show business couples.

We keep fingers crossed! Hopefully, they will be happy this time!

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Halsey and G-Eazy back together again?!
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