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Childish Gambino's new music video is filled with celebrity parodies

There is no doubt that Childish Gambino (34) is one of the most talented contemporary artists and the proof of that is his music videos and how they are so many sides to it and so many embedded meanings behind everything that is in the music video! For instance, This Is America music video was one that you would learn new things about it almost every single time you rewatch the music video. Now that "Feels Like Summer", people are in for another decoding session of yet another masterpiece!

In the first glance, the thing that we see the most and what stands out is the parody of so many black celebrities in the music video! Let’s see who they are and what they refer to!
One thing we can see clearly in the music video is Kanye West (41) crying which is almost immediately followed by Michelle Obama (54) comforting him.

Childish Gambino's new music video is filled with celebrity parodies 1

You also can see Nicki Minaj (35) in the music video with Travis Scott (26) which is a reference to the feud she has had with Travis over his album being the number one album and hers, the second! Nicki has been pretty vocal about her frustration with her album failure as she was not able to beat Travis! They are playing blocks when Travis removes one from the bottom and the whole thing falls apart.

Childish Gambino's new music video is filled with celebrity parodies 2

Beyonce (36) is also another artist that has appeared in this music video. She is standing there graceful with her curvaceous body with a RIP Fredo Santana T-shirt as a homage to the rapper who lost his life this year of a fatal seizure. He has been hospitalized for his heavy use of cough syrup.

Childish Gambino's new music video is filled with celebrity parodies 3

There is also Whitney Houston and Michael Jackson making an appearance in the music video. Solange Knowles (32) and A$AP Rocky (29) also are two other celebrities who are in the music video playing tug of war with The Weeknd (28). Kodak (21) is also seen being blocked in the house which refers to his arrest for house arrest violations.

Childish Gambino's new music video is filled with celebrity parodies 4

Other stars such as Chance the Rapper (25), Jaden Smith (20) and Birdman (49) are seen having a barbeque. Jaden’s dad is also in the music video! Not sure if you guys have noticed his existence though but he is the guy washing his car! Remember The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air!?

Childish Gambino's new music video is filled with celebrity parodies 5

Then someone else appears chasing someone and that is Drake (31) who seems frustrated with chasing Pusha T (41)! This refers to the whole Pusha T revealing the secret child of Drake in his song and he finally surrendering and creating a song about it! Some people also say that he is tired of following the rapper Future (34). This one comes from the idea that Drake’s music is no longer popular in the hood!

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You can also see Dr. Dre (53), P. Diddy (48), Snoop Dogg (46), Wiz Khalifa (30), and Jay-Z (48), them all doing this electric slide dance in the music video while Gucci Mane (38) is getting a tan! Two other stars have also appeared, one of which is SZA (27) who was present in Childish Gambino's This Is America music video and Janelle Monae (32).

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Chris Brown (29) is also present in the music video. He has been seen crying, covering his face which might be a reference to all of the controversies he is always and forever surrounded with or can be the dram that he had with Rihanna (30) and how he was charged with domestic violence and since then has not been able to stay away from dramas!

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Azealia Banks (27) is also somewhere there in the music video. Something else that we can see in the music video is two ladies doing a guy and a girl’s hair one of which is obviously Tiffany Haddish (38) who has been doing tremendously well and we guess the other one is Oprah (64), Tiffany Haddish dream stepmother! This is not his only filled with easter egg music videos of his. Here is This Is America full analysis.

Childish Gambino's new music video is filled with celebrity parodies 9

The gun

There were some pretty vivid clues in the music video that you could not turn a blind eye on no matter what your race is! One of which was the gun. Firstly the guy who has been shot had his face covered which people believe was a symbol of the Jim Crow era. And after he shot the guy, someone is rushing to him to take care of the gun!

That right there is how guns are treated with more respect than the people’s lives. Even though the gun is carried carefully, the corpse is dragged off.

The choir
And then we come to the choir. The shooting scene is the symbol of terrorism as a growing threat. The choir scene is a reference to the Charleston Church Massacre by Dylan Roof in 2015.

The choir is singing "Grandma told me/Get your money black man," which based on what people believe is a reference to how the religion is encouraging the pursuit of a materialistic lifestyle. He then, after the shooting, walks away unbothered. Every single move he makes in this music video is calculated and well-thought about!

The gun

The dancing

So many people watching this music video were so amazed by the way Donald was dancing throughout the music video and thought of it as something quite funny but what we are here to unravel is that the whole dancing was there to take your attention off something else!

The dancing

The dancing begins only to distract you from the riot that is happening in the background of the music video. This scene talks about how people love to know about the black culture, the dance for instance, but they do not see the injustice they are facing.

The recording

The recording

And then there was the recording scene. For the ones who have watched the White Bear episode of the series Black Mirror, this scene of the music video was no surprise. It is another portrayal of the reality happening around us. Most precisely, a reference to the live streamings while the shootings were happening in real life situations. Even the lyric states that "this is a celly, that’s a tool". Glover sure is a true genius. This is only a tiny example of what he is capable of.

The recording 1

The white horse

Some of you may not have even noticed the white horse in the background. This is a Biblical reference. Revelations 6:8: "And I looked, and behold a pale horse: and the name that sat on him was Death, and Hell followed with him." Based on what one of the Twitter users, Isaiah Persons, have mentioned about this scene "Death riding the Pale white horse while he is followed by Hell (represented by police) going totally unnoticed because of dancing and pop culture in the foreground is the single greatest cinematic message I’ve seen in a music video to date."

Ad libs

Genius is the perfect place for the ones who want to go in depth and analyze the lyrics even more and get to learn more information about the song and the singer and the whole process behind it and in this case, it helped us as well. Twitter user LeftSentThis had tweeted: "One of the more interesting behind the scenes parts of This Is America is the background vocalist (Block Boy, Quavo, Young Thug, 21 Savage) used in the track, all employed for their signature adlib styles."

SZA's cameo

Maybe some of you have not noticed the cameo of SZA in this music video as there are too many things to pay attention to! However, she also has a part in the music video that people are not really sure what it might be the hint of. Maybe just that there is a possibility of a future collaboration between the two. The cars that Glover is surrounded with in this scene are all the '80s or '90s models and it is worth to mention that Philando Castile was killed by a police officer in a 1997 Oldsmobile based on the information shared on Mashable.

The Sunken Place

And finally the Sunken Place scene. At the end of the music video, Donald is running away from a very dark place; he is followed by many seemingly non-black people. The twitter user thelocalemo has explained this the best way possible by saying: "The intrusion of white supremacy into the life of a black man. This clip has undertones of the sunken place in 'Get Out' by Jordan Peele".

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The white horse
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