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Fans are convinced that Kim Kardashian and Drake had an affair!

As writing his down, we are sure the story is going to go down very soon but we had to cover it cause this is some wild sh*t! Fans are convinced that Kim Kardashian (37) and Drake (31) had an affair! Yes! We know this is the title of the article but damn, this is not something you can take lightly. Don’t know why I personally never see this coming! I always thought Kim was the faithful one and Kanye the crazy one! Well, seems like I was wrong! So here is where the theory comes from!

A Twitter user called Tyler Morrison who goes with the ID @tmorrison24 started the whole thread with many theories and the proofs of them which are somehow rock solid and got us all talking! The thread suggests that the hints of the affair are all over Scorpion and we definitely believe so many things about this! He also believes that Kiki is Drake referring to Kim as it is her nickname!

This is how the whole thing started:
"Drake’s been telling us for months now he slept with Kim K, we just haven’t been listening
- a thread"
"Couple weeks ago before the Drake concert, one of my buddies @SpenceyyB made this claim and I - probably like you - disregarded it at first."

And then he went on describing every single thing that happened!
"He referenced verses like these from Scorpion. I already knew the disses were aimed at Kanye, but he claimed every girl line was about Kim. "Your wifey" felt too generic at first, and I figured Drake was referring to any man that leaves his girl long enough/for good."

"He also spoke about how Drake and Ye have been beefing since they were together in Wyoming. Which prompted the whole Push-Drake feud."
"Then the concert took place and I pretty much forgot about the theory until a few days ago when another friend sent me these (s/o @JakeSpinny)"
Which refers to, ‘I’m shy’ ‘I’m really shy’ captions.

"Now I’m like, okay, there is no way this is random. So I sat down and decided to take a closer look."
"I started listening to Scorpion and put it on shuffle. In My Feelings is the first song that comes on.
Ever wonder who Kiki is exactly?"

"Thought to myself, Kiki is pretty damn close to Kim. Quick twitter search and I find these."
Kim has talked about how her nickname is Kiki and Khloe’s nickname is Koko while Kourtney does not have one! Also, Khloe has called out her name using the same nickname. This was not the only lead. Also one of the lipstick collections has one called ‘Kiki is a pinky nude.’

"First verse of the album Drake comes directly at Kanye. With a Kim reference at the end? But why would Ye question his love with Kim…"
The track, Survival goes like this:
I been waitin’ on this

All of this disorder, no addressin’
The crown is broken in pieces, but there’s
More in my possession
There’s a whole lot in my possession
Who do you really love?! Well, that’s sure to
Be in question

"Fast forward to the end of the song.
"Started feelin’ myself.”
In My Feelings. Kiki.
Now he’s got drama over Kim and the tie between him and Kanye is done because of it. Except what’s the drama about?"

I stopped askin’ myself and I started feelin’ myself
Now I gotta deal with all this drama and
Deal with myself
I ain’t even have to cut the tie, it served itself
This just the intro, let me not get ahead of myself

He continued: "Everyone questioned why Drake never responded to Pusha after the 2nd diss. At first I thought the claim it would be “Bad for Kanye” was just a weak excuse and Drake took an L"
Seems like now we know why Drake’s producer said that the diss will be very bad for Kanye! Is Drake our good guy, here?!

"But hold on, maybe Drake does have something on Ye...
(G.O.O.D is the name of Kanye’s record label - I think Drake is saying in 8 Out of 10 Kanye is lucky he never responded with the 2nd diss)"
They always ask, Why let the story run if it’s false?!
You know a wise man once said nothin’ at all
Only lyin’ I do is lyin’ out in the tropics

Only cryin’ I do is cryin’ from laughing ‘bout it
Only lackin’ I can do is my back of responses
"1st photo is in reference to an interview b/w DJ Akademiks and Drake. 2nd photo is J Prince explaining Drake has info that would end Kanye’s career and ruin his livelihood. Drake hints at this on Mob Ties, and confirms it on Behind Barz."

"Rap fans grilled Drake about not responding to Push. Except we don’t know the half of it he says. And whatever it is, he can only tell us about it in pieces.
Can’t take a joke track goes like this:
Back and forth to Italy

My comment section killin’ me
I swear I get so passionate
Y’all do not know the half of it
Elevate continues with:
Yeah, I can only tell you shit in pieces
As it happens to me, I begin to write the thesis

Tyler continued: "Let’s look at Is There More and Behind Barz since Drake is talking about Kanye in both.
In Is There More, Drake tells us he’s ready to come clean about something. Now focus on the word goof in both songs.
Also, in Behind Barz, he seems to speak directly to Kim."

Is There More goes like this:
Sweeter the berry, the blacker the juice
The boy is back in the booth, ready to tap into truth
Too many lyrics ‘bout houses and loot
Too many Walt Disney characters, mouses and goofs

You man is a goofy and he could get rushed
I can’t name a rapper or girl that I trust
I dream about turnin’ these yutes into dust
There was also something mentioned about them living close to one another!
"So just how close do Drake and Kimye live from each other? Sounds like pretty damn close.

"If you’re not convinced by now, let me go ahead and erase all doubt."
"I crept down the block,
Made a right,
Cut the lights,
Paid the price."
There is so much more and if you want to get more leads, you need to follow the thread he has provided!
Do you think this is real or not!?

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