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Celebrities who commemorated their famous roles by tattoos

If you were an actor and liked the film you played in so much that you were hooked on it then what would you do? It's not easy to just get the cash and move on if you devoted so much time to the filming of the movie or even to the whole series. That's why some actors decide to do tattoos to commemorate this wonderful experience. The tattoos don't have to be beautiful and may not make sense for everyone but for those actors, it's something exceptional that will probably stay with them for the rest of their lives.

Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul - the "Breaking Bad" series

Robert Downey Jr. and four of the original "Avengers" cast members

Robert Downey Jr. looks happy!

Maisie Williams and Sophie Turner - "Game of Thrones"

The date symbolizes the moment they were cast on the HBO show

Selena Gomez and two of the actors from "13 Reasons Why"

"13 Reasons Why" cast has a lot in common now!

Neil Patrick Harris - "A Series of Unfortunate Events"

An interesting tattoo on his ankle

The "Lord of the Rings" cast

The word "nine" in Elvish language

Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul - the "Breaking Bad" series

"Spider-Man: Homecoming" actor Tom Holland

He got Spidey logo on his foot!

"The Pretty Little Liars" cast

Their characters’ first initials on their fingers!

Johnny Depp - in honor of "Pirates of the Caribbean" series

The same as in the movie and this time it's real!

"Suicide Squad" cast also got tattoos!

They commemorated their experience!

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