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Angelina Jolie seemingly is trying her best to make the custody battle difficult for Brad

Seems like Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have been getting a divorce for ages! When the news of their split got out, Adele was still on the stages performing and now she is ready to get her new album released! That is how long they have been struggling with it. Lately, some news has been revealed about their divorce process and seems like Angelina is doing all in her power to make things almost impossible for Brad! However, seems like she is making it hard for literally everyone!

What we have heard is that she is so hard on the lawyer that she is planning on quitting as well! The sources told TMZ that "She's fueled with anger and has gotten ridiculously unreasonable.". Later on, People revealed that a spokesperson has talked to them saying that the lawyer is not planning on quitting now nor anytime in the future despite what TMZ claimed.
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