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How the kids of these celebrities found out their parents were famous!

Starting a family can be something that many of us dream of having at some point in our lives and stars are no exceptions. We know how with kids, come so many new responsibilities and so many questions that you may not still know the answer to and once you become a parent you have to find an answer to. KIDS ASK TOO MANY QUESTIONS! Based on a study, a mother is asked nearly 300 questions on a daily basis now imagine the mother is a celebrity! On top of all the questions, many others are added! Here are how some of the kids of the celebrities found out about their parent's fame!

Ricky Martin’s twins found out when he let them watch one of his shows.

He said: "When the show was over, they came to me and said, 'Papi, you're Ricky Martin.' I said, 'I'm not Ricky Martin, I'm your father.' They said, 'No, no, no, you're Ricky Martin,' and so it changed."

Cindy Crawford’s daughter found out at Disneyland.

Kaia said: "I think it was only on my eighth birthday, at Disneyland, that I started to understand what was going on. I wanted to take pictures with the princesses, and everyone wanted to take pictures with her!"

Victoria and David Beckham’s son found out who his father was at a sporting event.

"I didn't actually know that they were big until I was about 13. I went to a football game and people were shouting my dad's name and I was like, 'What?! Oh my God.' I don't look at them like that."

Gwyneth Paltrow’s son found it all out on his own. She said: "It's recent for him where he goes, 'Oh, you are in movies.' They didn't make that connection for a while."

Pamela Anderson's sons found out at a surf camp.

"They came up to me and they said, 'Mom, are you Pamela Anderson?' And I said, 'Yeah. They were like, 'What is that?' And, 'Why are people saying these things? Are you Pamela Anderson for real? Like, what is going on?'"

Hilary Duff's son found out by some little rascal at Luca's school.

"He's seen me on the cover of, like, magazines in a grocery store, and I really think he just thinks the next day, like, Shane's mommy is gonna be on the magazine."

Meg Ryan and Dennis Quaid’s son did not even feel like having parents that are actors is something different!

"When I was a kid, I didn't really know having parents that are actors were in any way different from my friends' parents, who were lawyers."

Mick Jagger’s daughter found out as she was on a tour with her dad.

"When I went on tour with my father, I knew he was a musician. But they were my parents. I still think of my mum as being kind of a dork — a cooler one, but still a dork."

Christie Brinkley and Billy Joel’s daughter thought people just liked her parents so much.

"I just thought they were popular. I thought I was the star. We were always putting on plays, and dad would do the accompaniment and mom would dress me up like a Disney princess and be filming everything."

Michael Jackson's son found out his dad made people faint.

"I guess when we kind of realized it was when we saw videos of him performing. I've been used to seeing most females pass out when they see their [favourite] artist. What blew my mind was when I saw these big muscle-bound dudes fainting and having to be dragged out… so I was like, 'okay, there's something else going on here.'"

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